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Ductrove manufacture Innovative HDPE Ducts and provide designing solutions for every application – Telecom(5G, FTTH, IoT, Smart Cities), Power, Water & Gas Enabling future ready Fiber Optic Networks for High Speed Data transmission – FTTH, Video Conferencing, Surveillance, Home Automation, IoT and more…

Slide A centralized platform used to effectively manage access to remote GPS located
chambers in real time and to monitor the internal Environment of the chambers
and generate alarms of violations. Below are the special features;

Web based, centralized software platform
Smart keys download access schedules over secured GSM network
All Smart key activities are time stamped and logged
Real-time network view, Asset management (GPS Located)
Reporting, Filtering of alarms to real violations
Smart Chambers
Slide Smart Poles are a Fundamental Building Block for Smart Cities. Solution leverages Cities vertical real estate to provide both energy efficient Smart Street Lighting plus;

Managed Multi Tenant–Mobile 3/4/5G Services, High Speed Wi-Fi & IoT
Disaster & Emergency Services
Security CCTV Surveillance
Traffic Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring & Alarming
Smart Poles