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Slide Over the past few years, IoT has become one of the most important technologies of the 21st century.
There is a saying, “IoT will be everywhere and anywhere”. Just name the scenario, and leave it to us to find the IoT solution for you!.
Using our strong partnership with the world wide industrial leaders, we deliver IoT project planning, deployment and management with unparalleled perfection.
iot Preventive and Proactive Maintenance
Factory Floor Management
Key Performance Indicators Analysis (OEE)
Smart Pipelines
Environment Monitoring
Safety & Security (Lone Worker)
Connected Stations, Ports and Airports
Smart Public Transportation
Fleet management
Multimodal Logistic Chain management
Smart Waste Management
Smart Lighting
Building maintenance and Utilities
Virtual Patient Monitoring
Remote care (Assisted living & Independent living)
COVID19 Protection
Clinical Environment management
Alarms and Events data collection
Key people invited in an ad-hoc collaborative space
AI/ML-assisted problems analysis and resolution
Device Management Platform (DMP)
Performance monitoring and benchmarking
Application Enablement
Utility Optimization Intelligence
Power losses prevention (UPS mgmt)
Infrastructure Stability and Monitoring
iot-1 Smart Farming
Crop production management
Soil moisture level monitoring
Pest control optimization
Computer Vision aided site/assets maintenance
Smart Lock management
Fuel tanks monitoring
Virtual Showroom
Content preview, interactive, polls breakout sessions
Configurable 3d virtual booths, Admission control
Educational Classes, Collaborative Design Thinking
Smart Waste Management
Smart Lighting,
Building maintenance and Utilities
Smart Appliances, Smart Surveillance
Smart Access Control
Consumption monitoring (anomaly detection)
Leakage Detection
Water quality monitoring
Secure Video Lobby admission
Configurable role system, Modular/ configurable voting
Highest level of voting security
RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) Agenda and Meeting management
Collaboration and IoT integration
Monitoring and Management of IT/OT
War Rooms and Decision Support, Field force automation
Maintenance models, cooperative work on Digital Twins
Case admission control
Configurable trial workflow & role system
Recording witness protection, RSI for hearing mgmt
Verbalizer and Transcription system, Private and Public hearings
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RTC will address your unique needs individually with the highest degree of professional performance. Our professional staff includes specialists in RF planning and design, network integration & commissioning, Testing,  Benchmarking, Optimization, Project and Technical management.
RTC focuses on service delivery of solutions related to Voice, Data and Multimedia with close attention to end-to-end turnkey projects powered by the Service Providers.

  • Managed Services – Telecom and IT
  • Indoor and Outdoor Design Planning and Optimization
  • Audit and Acceptance testing of emerging requirements

Turnkey Services in Technology Domains covering GSM and Critical Communications networks

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We offer specialized expertise in the areas of wired and wireless communications, integrated networking & broadband systems, security and surveillance and IT platforms.Network and system integration

  • Industrial-grade indoor and outdoor WiFi solutions
  • Data center integration, management and revamping
  • Security solutions with wireless backhaul
  • IP Telephony, Analog/Digital Telecom Solutions & Intercom
  • Wireless IP cameras / CCTV Installation
  • Structured cabling
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RTC offers Data Analytics services through our team of data analysts who mines stored data using analytic tools and provide insights to the end users to empower informed decision making to build efficiency and improve profitability

  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
  • Business Process Analytics (BPA)
  • Marketing optimization
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Digital analytics
  • People analytics

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Typically, in telecommunication networks, the term ‘core’ is used by service providers and refers to the high capacity communication facilities that connect primary nodes. A core/backbone network provides paths for the exchange of information between different sub-networks.
RTC Expertise is in providing full lifecycle services from strategy and assessment to design and deployment, and to ongoing monitoring and management.
RTC’s core network expertise is wide enough to cover Telecom and IOT sectors.
In terms of IT, RTC offers planning and deployment of small to large organizations backbone network.

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Through our Data consultation engagements automation and enhancement or visualization and dashboard requirements are identified and fulfilled through our inhouse or partner development teams
Project Progress Tracking Portals for service industry:

  • PO utilization, Inventory and Asset tracking with Summary Dashboards.
  • Automated daily work progress tracking, documentation repository for online access

Managed Services monitoring and management Portals:

  • Geo-location based ticket/ job.
  • Field Task details, Automatic checklist, Analytic reports and dashboards