At RTC, we empower you to take control over your data, processes and challenges in planning, operations and management through our experts and solutions

  • Data Discovery & Quality management
  • Data Flow Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization

RTC offers Data Analytics services through our team of data analysts who mines stored data using analytic tools and provide insights to the end users to empower informed decision making to build efficiency and improve profitability


Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Revenue Cycle Management  Solution is designed for Revenue streams monitoring for Enterprises enabling visibility and control over the P&L and helps businesses to make proactive and informed decisions to prevent and limit revenue leakages and to improve revenue and profitability

Business Process Analytics (BPA)

Business Process Analytics Service is designed for business process monitoring enabling visibility and control over the operations and helps businesses to make proactive and informed decisions to build process efficiency, improve quality of service and improve profitability.

Insights Mined and visualized from information and data generated from various geographies, timelines and departments

Automation and Software Solutions:

Through our Data consultation engagements automation and enhancement or visualization and dashboard requirements are identified and fulfilled through our inhouse or partner development teams

Some of the samples are as below:

Project Progress Tracking Portals for service industry:

  • Automated daily work progress tracking from field with work inspection approval stages from concerned departments
  • Field Engineers update the daily work progress directly from field and customer gets updated view of the work progress and status
  • Region/ Site / Building level tracking with breakdown to floor level BOQ
  • PO utilization tracking with alerts and approvals
  • Inventory and Asset tracking
  • Summary Dashboards with user level viewing access
  • Site folders and documentation repository for online access

Managed Services monitoring and management Portals:

  • Geo-location based ticket/ job assignment to the team for better utilization.
  • Field Task details can be viewed and allocation can be done considering various SLA’s.
  • Team work load can be viewed and analyzed before assigning new activities so that team allocation and utilization and productivity is optimized
  • Automatic checklist helps to create the ticket/ job closure and snags report from the field itself with required snaps / videos
  • Analytic reports and dashboards