Consulting & System Integration

Whether you are implementing a strategic enterprise rollout or implementing an out-of-the-box business solution or looking for specific domain related functionality, RTC and our partners will work with you to understand your goals and provide you with expert teams who help you meet them.

RTC offers technology consultancy for medium and large scale projects to ensure integration and customization of the current technologies with next generation networks. Today, we have a global work force that is multi-cultural and multi-dimensional. Our team comprised of experienced Data Consultants, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, System Integrators, Roll-out Managers, Program Managers, Project Coordinators, Project Engineers, Technical Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Data Migrations, Technicians, Team Leaders and Logistics Coordinators.

We offer systems integration services to help our clients to optimize the OPEX and at the same time improve the overall service provisioning and the quality of experience delivered to customers. Our offerings include Data, Business, IT and strategic consulting services, end-to-end systems integration services, integrated solutions, and technical services. Our pool of partners are industry-leading vendors and solution providers and along with them we will work with you to understand your goals & objectives and provide expert teams to implement the most apt solution for your needs.